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Crack wep and wpa with the aircrack-ng suite part 1 – Le Saint Graal du Web

Crack wep and wpa with the aircrack-ng suite part 1

février 5, 2009 365826 Vues

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This is a tutorial on how to crack a wep encrypted password using the aircrack-ng suit. This information should only be used for education purposes.
Follow my video on updating the aircrack-ng components and updating your wifi card.

Steps for setting up your wifi card:
1)airmon-ng stop wlan0
2)ifconfig wlan0 down
3)macchanger –mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan0
4)airmon-ng start wlan0
5)airodump-ng wlan0

Please watch part 2 of my tutorial.

If you need any help feel free to PM me or shoot me an instant message, a donation would also be appreciated.
You can instant message me at:
AIM – kivi12k@aol.com
WINDOWS MESSENGER – kivi12k@hotmail.com
YAHOO MESSENGER – kivi12k@ymail.com

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